How to turn on dark mode on YouTube (all platforms)

How to turn on dark mode on YouTube (all platforms)

Dark mode is more and more popular as a way to look at our screen. You can do this on iOS, WhatsApp, Android, and a number of other apps and platforms. YouTube joined the extinction party some time ago, although the way to activate the feature has changed a bit over time.

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever (you previously had to go to Chrome’s developer options) to turn on YouTube’s dark mode, and here we show you how to turn it on on your desktop, Android, and iOS browser.

Enable dark mode on YouTube on the desktop

Click on your channel icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube home page.

Enable Youtube dark mode settings

From the drop-down menu, click on “Appearance -> Dark Theme”. Setting it to “Device Theme” can also be useful if you want your theme to match your Windows theme.

Change Chrome border to dark mode

Now your YouTube is dark and pleasing to the eye, but you can probably see that the browser window is still dazzling and bright. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, you can solve this problem:

How to add a Google Chrome desktop in dark modeHow to add a Google Chrome desktop in dark mode
  • In Windows 10, right click the desktop background -> Personalize -> Colors, then change the “Default app mode” to Dark.
  • In macOS, go to “System Preferences -> General -> Appearance,” then click on the Dark option.

Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android / iOS

Enabling dark mode on YouTube for Android and iOS is just as easy. It’s the same process on both platforms.

Just open the YouTube app and then tap your profile icon in the top right corner -> Settings -> General -> Appearance.

Activate Youtube Dark Mode Android ProfileActivate Youtube Dark Mode Android Profile

In the Appearance pop-up window, tap “Dark Theme” or “Use Device Theme” if you are using a dark theme on your given platform.

Enable Youtube Dark Mode Android AppearanceEnable Youtube Dark Mode Android Appearance

Enabling YouTube’s night mode will provide you with exactly what is suggested, along with a few other features for the developers. For more YouTube tips, check out our guides on how to stream YouTube to your PC and share a specific part of a YouTube video.


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