How to turn off reading target notification on iOS

Adding books to your reading list in the iOS Books app

We show you how to disable the reading target notification on the iPhone or iPad and thus stop seeing that notification.

reading objective

So you can turn off the annoying reading target notification

Today we are going to teach you turn off reading target notification. A way to prevent that alert from appearing when we have achieved or exceeded our goal.

When we start reading with him iPhone with the iPadSurely you will receive a notification informing us that we have achieved our goal. This is very good to know when we have exceeded this objective, but in the event that you have not set any, perhaps it could be a hindrance.

That is why we are going to show you how to deactivate this function so that it does not bother us anymore or until we want to activate it again.

How to turn off reading target notification

What we must do is very simple, for this we go to the device settings. Once here, we look for the app tab of Books of ios and we entered it.

We will see that several options appear that we can modify to our liking. Among them, there is this one we are talking about, which is that of the reading objectives. To be able to deactivate it, it seems that it is clear, we must slide the tab to the left and that’s it.

reading target 1reading target 1

Deactivate tab

In this way, this notification will not appear when we read and therefore, it will not confuse us when we are focused on something important that we are reading.

In the event that we want to reactivate it, it is as simple as following the steps as before and that’s it. This time, instead of sliding to the left, we must do it to the right and it will be fully activated.


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