How to turn OFF keyboard sound on iPhone

How to turn OFF keyboard sound on iPhone

Today we bring you one of our tutorials for iOS in which we are going to teach you disable keyboard sound in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Disable keyboard sound on iOS

Disable keyboard sound on iOS

We bring you one of our iOS tutorials that surely many will appreciate. To many users of iOS devices They don’t like to be writing and listening, all the time, as we type. What many of us do to solve this is turn off the sound. By doing this we leave our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without any sound, which will mean that if they call us or have a notification, nothing will sound.

So you don’t have to turn off the sound completely, Manzana He has thought of all those users who are bothered by this keyboard sound, and he gives us the possibility to deactivate it. In this way, we can continue to listen to our notifications and when we go to write we will not hear anything at all, as if our device was silent.

How to disable keyboard sound on iPhone, iPad and iPod TOUCH:

Carrying out this operation is very simple and surely more than one will appreciate it. The first thing we have to do is enter the Settings of our device, as whenever we want to configure something of it.

Once inside, we go to the tab “Sounds and vibrations.” From here we will be able to change any sound, from calls, messages, email notifications….

When entering the sound configuration, we will have to go to the bottom, where we will find two tabs, which are activated by default. These two tabs are:

Disable keyboard sound on iPhoneDisable keyboard sound on iPhone

Disable Keyboard Clicks

  • Keyboard clicks: to turn off the keyboard sound.
  • Sound when blocking: To deactivate the lock sound.
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Since what we want is to disable the Keyboard clicks, we will have to uncheck this option.

Once unchecked, we will stop hearing those keyboard clicks. As we have mentioned, there are people who like it and others who don’t. It is up to each one to have it activated or not.

In this way, we can disable keyboard sound in our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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