How to turn off all iPhone vibrations completely

How to turn off all iPhone vibrations completely

We show you the way to deactivate all the vibrations of the iPhone, not only those of the notifications, but those of the entire system.

iPhone vibrations

So you can disable all vibrations on the iPhone

Today we are going to teach you disable all iPhone vibrations. A good way to save battery, with every action we take.

When we talk about vibration, notifications always come to mind, as well as the sound of calls. But the truth is that in ios we have more vibrations in the system and there are times when we don’t even realize it. All these vibrations, throughout the day, consume the battery more than normal, so if you have problems of this type, perhaps this is a good solution.

So we are going to explain step by step how to deactivate all the vibrations of the system, and thus extend the battery a little at the end of the day.

How to turn off all iPhone vibrations

What we must do is go to the device settings. Once here, we look for the section of <>, to click on the tab <>.

Within this section we will see several options, among which is, for example, that of touch back. Which we already explained in an article how we could configure it. But in this case we are interested in the topic of vibration, so we scroll down and we will see this tab …

iPhone vibrations 1iPhone vibrations one

Disable the ‘Vibration’ tab

It will be this that we must deactivate to remove any vibration from our system. In this way, as we have commented, we will not notice any vibration, as we can notice when loading the Twitter Timeline, when unlocking the iPhone …

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They are vibrations that iOS has configured automatically, but if we have battery problems, perhaps this is a good solution to lengthen that percentage a little.

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