How to translate text QUICKLY with the iPhone camera

How to translate text QUICKLY with the iPhone camera

We show you the way to power translate text quickly just by focusing the camera of the iPhone to the specific text that we want to translate.

translate text

So you can translate text with your iPhone camera

Today we are going to teach you translate text with iPhone camera. Undoubtedly a great way to translate anything we see on the street, in a newspaper …

We are always looking for a way to translate and we end up downloading applications that later do us no good. Another option is to copy the text and paste it into the Google translator, but of course, it makes us lose more time than we want.

That is why we are going to show you a trick that will make things much easier for us and will make this process much faster.

How to quickly translate text with the iPhone camera:

What we should do is use Google Lens, that will allow us to carry out this process. For this, we must download the google app, where this option is included.

Therefore, once downloaded, we must open the section of <>, which is right in the search bar, which is marked with a square icon …

translate text 1translate text 1

Enter the Google Lens section

By clicking on it, we access the function we are talking about. But in this case, within this function, what interests us is being able to translate with our camera, so we must click on this option …

translate text 2translate text 2

Click on the translator section

Once this is done, it will be ready to be used to translate any text that we see anywhere. In addition, we leave you a video in which we explain step by step what we should do. In this video, you can also find more functions that we can perform with Google Lens.

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Video in which we explain the whole process of how to translate texts easily:

In the following video we explain how to do the live translation of any text and more functions of Google Lens. Just at minute 3:35 it appears:

Without further ado and hoping that this tutorial has been of much use to you, we are waiting for you shortly with more tutorials, tips, news, apps … for your Apple devices.



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