How to transfer your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram and not lose anything

How to transfer your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram and not lose anything

We show you the way to transfer your conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram and not lose any information during the process.

So you can transfer your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

Today we are going to teach you transfer your conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram. Ideal to have the same in one app as in another and not lose anything during the migration.

With the news of the changes in the privacy of WhatsApp, many have been the users who have chosen to look for other alternatives. It is true that many of them have done it to follow this trend a bit, but in reality we all know that WhatsApp is so established in our lives, that it will be very difficult or impossible to get it out of the way.

But if you are one of those who has done it or are thinking of doing it for real, we are going to show you how to migrate all your conversations to another app, which in this case is Telegram.

How to transfer your conversations from WhatsApp to Telegram

Although this may sound like something that is really difficult, the truth is that it is the easiest thing we can do. So the first thing we are going to do is go to the WhatsApp app.

Once here, we look for the chat that we want to migrate, whether it is a private conversation or a group. Therefore, we enter that chat and we go directly to the information of the same. We access here, clicking within the chat on the name of the group or contact, that is, at the top.

When we enter the chat information, we will see that all the configurations of that chat appear and if we are in a group, the contacts that are in it will appear. Well, if we don’t go to the bottom, we will see a tab with the name of <>.

from WhatsApp to Telegram 1de WhatsApp to Telegram 1

Click on export

Click on this and a message will appear that It tells us if we want to attach all the files or just the messages. Obviously, as we want the chat exactly the same in one app as in another, we click on the option that gives us the possibility of porting the files.

It will be then when the important part comes, since the sharing menu will appear and this is where we must select the Telegram app.

from WhatsApp to Telegram 2de WhatsApp to Telegram 2

Select the telegram app

We select it and now it takes us to a new screen. On this screen, as what we have exported is a group, the option to create a new group with the exported WhatsApp file will appear …

from WhatsApp to Telegram 3de WhatsApp to Telegram 3

Create a new group from chat

We select it … and that’s it. We will already have our group created in Telegram, just as we had it in WhatsApp, with the same files and with the same conversation.

Important, the group is created without contacts, once the group is created, we must add the participants. These when they enter, they will be able to see all the messages and files that they had without problem.


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