How to temporarily disable apps on iPhone or iPad

How to temporarily disable apps on iPhone or iPad

We show you how to temporarily deactivate apps on the iPhone or iPad and thus ensure that those apps do not bother us when we do not want to.

So you can temporarily disable apps on your devices

Today we are going to teach you temporarily disable apps on iPhone or iPad. Without a doubt, a great way to disconnect in those moments that we need so much.

Surely, when certain hours of the day arrive, we do not want to be receiving messages from people or from social networks, more than anything, because we want to disconnect. That is why we often choose to turn off the iPhone, put it completely silent and even put it on do not disturb. This may be a solution, but then we will not be able to use this device.

We are going to give you a really good alternative, with which you will be able to disconnect from the apps you want, but you will also be able to continue using your device without problems.

How to temporarily disable apps on your iPhone or iPad

The process is very simple and we will have to use the function of “Use time”, from here we can configure everything.

Therefore, we go to this section and click on the tab “Inactivity time”. Here, obviously we must activate this function and set a schedule for that downtime.

disable apps 1

Activate usage time and choose time

When we have it established, we go to the main menu of Time of use and click on the tab “Always allowed”. Here we must select the apps that we do want to be active and therefore we are going to add them, by clicking on the button “+”.

The apps that we want to be inactive, we do not add them. In this way, when the time we have established arrives, we will see that these apps appear as off on the main screen and therefore, we will not receive any notification from them.

But to make everything easier for you, we have made a video in which we explain step by step how you should carry out this function so that you get the most out of it.

Video in which we explain how to carry out the entire process


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