How to take a screenshot with PrtScn Key?

How to take a screenshot with PrtScn Key?

The Print Screen key is the most common button on any keyboard (laptops and desktops) that helps users take a screenshot as an image or as a file. This article will show you the different ways to take a screenshot with the PrtScn button.

In our previous article, we showed you how to take a screenshot with the built-in capture tool. If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the link below:

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The Print Screen button is located in the top row of your laptop or desktop keyboard (probably in addition to the F12 key).

Most likely, it should be labeled as Prt Sc, Prt Scr SysRq, PrntScr, print screen, PrtScn, etc.

Capture a screenshot with the print screenshot key

You can easily capture a screenshot using the print screenshot button on your keyboard. There are several combinations in which you can take a screenshot in Windows 10.

Take a screenshot as a file

Here is the combination of keyboard commands:

Win + prt sc

Note:To win┬╗Is a Windows Journal key

For some laptops, you may need to use Win + Fn + prt sc

The moment you use the above key combination, your screen will blink or dim for a second, then return to normal.

The screenshot was automatically saved to the location below in the Default Screenshots folder:

C: Users Sandy Pictures Screenshots

Click on your user account under Users. In our case, the username is Sandy

capture a screenshot with the prt scn key

Manually save a screenshot

  • hurry PrtScn key only and a screenshot was copied to the clipboard without knowing you.
  • Open any image editor you want to place this screenshot in. For example: MS Paint, Word, or any other application where you want this image to be.
  • Now press Ctrl + V from your keyboard and the screenshot image will appear in the app
  • To save as a file or image, go to File menu> Save or Save as

take a screenshot with the PrtScn key

Capture part of your screen

Win + Shift + S

Your action above will bring up the capture tool. You just need to use your mouse and drag the part of the screen part you want as an image.

It will be saved to the clipboard.

After that, you can open any image editing app and paste into it using Ctrl + V on the keyboard.

how to take a screenshot with the print screen button

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