How to Sync iPhone, iPad or iPod Without USB Cable (Finder / iTunes)

Are you someone who does not want to use the USB cable to sync or back up their device with the computer? Do not worry! Here’s how you can sync your iPhone or iPad via WiFi without using any cable.

As we always say, another day, another wonderful tutorial for those who visit our blog daily to see if there is anything new. Here we have another hidden iOS or iPadOS feature that lets you sync videos, photos, music, podcasts, and more without connecting it to Mac or Windows with a cable.

In short, you can add, update, or delete data wirelessly on your iPhone or iPad. The good news is that you can use this method on both Windows and Mac. But iTunes or Finder is the requirement.


Let me tell you something before you go any further. Once you need a cable to connect and set up WiFi Sync for your iPhone or iPad, and then no cable is needed. So just grab a cable and follow the first phase and do it.

Set it up to sync iPhone, iPad or iPod without USB cable using Finder / iTunes

After following these steps and setting up the WiFi Sync feature for your iPhone or iPad, you can easily manage the data wirelessly next time.

  1. Connect your iPhone using a USB cable.
  2. Winner:
    Open Finder on macOS.
    Choose your device that appears in the left sidebar and trust your device if prompted. (Solution: iPhone not shown in Finder)
    Click on the General tab in the Finder and look for the option “Show this iPhone when you are on Wi-Fi” and activate it.

    macOS Finder

    Open iTunes on your Windows computer or Mac.
    Click the device icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes window. Fix the iPhone that does not appear in iTunes
    Click the Summary on the left side of iTunes.
    Select the option “Sync with this iPhone with Wi-Fi”

    iTunes: sync via WiFi

  3. Apply settings and press sync to save changes.
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It was the first step to get iPhone or iPad synced via Wi-Fi. No matter which iPhone or iPad you use. Just make sure it uses iOS 5 or later. Everyone has probably installed the latest MacOS and iOS version on their device. So I hope there will be no problem yet.

Now you have successfully set up Wi-Fi syncing using Finder / iTunes. Next time, you do not need the data cable to sync your device. Let’s try now how you can sync and manage data via WIFi. Use simple steps.

Sync iPhone, iPad or iPod via Wi-Fi

You can try it now. After following all the above steps.

  1. Unplug the USB cable from your device or disconnect it from your computer.
  2. Make sure your iOS device and computer are using the same Wi-Fi connection. Close the Finder / iTunes window and reopen it.
  3. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod appears in the Finder / iTunes window connected via wifi.
  4. Just select what you want to add, delete or update on your device and press the sync button on your iTunes or Finder screen. The speed of data will be synchronized according to the size of your data.

If the device still does not appear in the Finder / iTunes via WiFi. Make sure that your Mac / PC or iOS device is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection and that you have followed and saved the previous setup steps correctly.

Another important thing: when you sync your wireless device wirelessly, iTunes or Finder will create a new backup of your device. So if you want to do it manually, tap ‘Most important data on the iCloud disk’.

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Now your device is ready to sync via Wi-Fi at any time you want. It is not necessary to always carry the cable with you, and there is no more voltage to it. It’s about today.

I hope you will like the article if you did not know about it before reading this article. For more exciting tutorials on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and more for Apple, visit our blog. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for push notifications in your inbox. Sign Out, Peace.


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