How to switch to multiple Echo devices at once

How to switch to multiple Echo devices at once

When Amazon introduced Alexa’s Drop In functionality, it gave Echo devices a new purpose as an intercom system. While it’s helpful to ask Alexa to switch to a specific device or room, you may not want to repeat the process for every room in your house. This is why Amazon has made it possible to switch to multiple Echo devices at once in more than one at a time, by calling the Group Chat feature.

What makes it different

Before, you could only use the Drop In function on the device you named. For example, if you have three children, each with their own Echo device, you need to connect to each device individually.

Now if you want to reach all three children, you can connect to all the devices in your home with one command. If you’ve already enabled Drop In, it’s even easier to configure. It is also easy to configure if you have not activated Drop In.

Activation of Drop In

You will need the Alexa app and to connect to devices in your home. If your app is already connected to your Echo devices, enabling Drop In is as easy as opening the Alexa app and tapping Communicate at the bottom of the screen. If you’ve never been asked about Drop In before, you’ll receive a pop-up asking if you’d like to “Try Home Drop In”.

How to deposit on multiple Echo devices at once Try to deposit

Press Activate to activate Drop In.

Allow communications on devices

You will also need to authorize each device to accept communications. Tap Devices in the lower right corner of your screen to see your devices.

How to Connect Multiple Echo Devices SimultaneouslyHow to Connect Multiple Echo Devices Simultaneously

Existing devices are listed under Echo & Alexa and All devices (if you want to see all of your connected devices, including those that can’t act as an intercom). Tap and drop the device you want to enable communications on. Select Communication.

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Switch the communication to “On” and press Drop In to activate it if it is not already activated.

How to connect to multiple Echo devices at once Activate communicationHow to connect to multiple Echo devices at once Activate communication

Repeat this process for each device.

Access multiple Echo devices

Once Drop In is enabled, you can say “Alexa, come [Name of device].“Alexa then lets you speak through the device.

You only have one last setting to activate before you can ask Alexa to connect on all your devices. You can say “Alexa, log in on all devices┬╗To be prompted to change the setting, or you can do so manually beforehand.

In order to use a Drop In group chat, you must allow Amazon to temporarily decrypt group chats in order to combine multiple audio streams. If it’s not something you want to do, you won’t be able to use Drop In on multiple Echo devices at the same time. It’s a compromise on confidentiality, but if you don’t mind Alexa hearing you say “dinner is ready” or something not personal, then everything is fine.

Open Settings and tap Communication in the Alexa app.

How to connect to multiple Echo devices at onceHow to connect to multiple Echo devices at once

Tap “Enhanced Features”.

How to integrate multiple Echo devices simultaneouslyHow to integrate multiple Echo devices simultaneously

Change the setting to On. It is disabled by default.

How to connect to multiple Echo devices at onceHow to connect to multiple Echo devices at once

You are now ready to say “Alexa, log in on all devices. “

Other benefits

In addition to having a full home intercom without having to say the names of individual devices, you can also switch from your Alexa app even if you are not at home. For example, you may just want to watch your kids at home while you are still at work or ask the facilitator how things are going. Since you don’t always know which room someone will be in, you can switch to all of your devices to make sure you get an answer.

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You can also set up reminders to use all of your devices. When setting up a reminder, choose “All devices” in “Announcement by”. You will now receive your reminders wherever you are at home. You can do this with individual or all reminders.

If the above is not enough for you, discover other ways to make Alexa even smarter.


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