How to stream games to Android with Xbox Game Pass

Did you know you can play Xbox games in the cloud? It is still in its early stages and at the time of writing you cannot stream to anything other than Android. However, if you have an Android phone, now you can stream games to Android and play Xbox games wherever you are.

What you need to play Xbox games on the go

First, you’ll need an Android phone that’s compatible with the Xbox Game Pass app. It requires Android version 6 and above, so make sure your phone is capable of downloading the app.

If it is compatible, download the Xbox Game Pass app to your phone. While downloading, you will need to enter a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play Xbox games in the cloud. If you don’t have one and haven’t signed up before, you can get your first month for $ 1, which makes it a great way to try it out for yourself.

Lastly, you don’t need a controller to play some of the games from Xbox Game Pass, but it helps. (Learn how to set up the Xbox 360 controller on Android.) Obviously, an Xbox controller will work fine; However, surprisingly enough, Microsoft claims that the app is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 controller.

Play Xbox games on your phone

Now that you are ready it is time to play some games on your phone. Start the app and sign in to your Microsoft account. If you have more than one Microsoft account, be sure to sign in with the one that has an active Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Sign in to Xbox Game Pass

Once signed in, tap the home icon at the bottom left to access your library.

Home Xbox Game Pass

Finding Android Compatible Games

You’ll see all of the games available on Xbox Game Pass. However, the Game Pass app is designed to combine mobile, Xbox, and PC games into one. This means that the games you will see on the main page may or may not be compatible with phone streaming.

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To filter the games to show only those you can play on Android, look for the middle bar that says “Cloud,” “Console,” and “PC.” If “Cloud” is not highlighted in green, tap it.

Xbox Game Pass Cloud

The library should change to show different games. All of the games you see here are compatible with Android, making it easier to find something to play.

Once you find something of interest, tap on it. You will see the game page and some options available to you. Sometimes you will see two options: “Play” and “Install”.

Xbox Game Pass options

If you want to play the game on your mobile, do not press “Install”. This button is used for remote installation of the game on an Xbox console or PC. Instead, press “Play”; this will load the game into the cloud instead.

If you are going to play a game and you only see the “Install” button, it means that the game cannot be streamed on mobile at the moment.

Play a compatible game on Android

Once you press “Play” you will see a green spaceship while the cloud loads your game.

Charging Xbox Game Pass

When loading is complete, your game should appear on the screen!

Xbox Game Pass Game

Here you can either use touch controls to play the game or connect a controller with bluetooth to play.

On the game screen, you will see three floating buttons on the top left.

Xbox Game Pass Icons

The three dots open the settings menu, which you can use to mute your microphone or close the game. The antenna signal gives you tips to improve your connection if things get rough. The Xbox logo mimics the Xbox button on the controller when you press it.

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Once you have started a game once, it will appear in the “Roll Back” section of the main menu. When you feel like playing a little more, tap the game to jump back to it immediately.

Xbox Game Pass Jump

Play on the go

If you don’t want to get the next-gen gaming console, but instead want to go for cloud gaming and streaming games on Android, Microsoft has now made it super easy for you to play Xbox games on the go. Give it a try and see if it works for you.


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