How to stop emails from tracking you in macOS Apple Mail

Do you know Apple can prevent you from loading remote content in email? If you do, you can not market by the marketers who can steal the information, when and where you opened the email, does that sound creepy?

How do they track you down via emails?

When you open an email, there may be a hidden pixel or signature image or something similar in the email message, which you can detect to confirm that you read the email, when and where, or even more information. The pixel image they use is loaded from the remote server, which gives them the information. This tracking method is mostly used for email marketing and the user’s information is quietly returned to the company.

Don’t worry, most reputable email service providers already block this and put suspicious emails in the spam or junk folders. These folders do not allow emails to load the remote content automatically, but ask if you want to upload it or not?


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Prevent emails from finding you in Apple Mail

Apple enables Apple Mail users to prevent remote content from being loaded into the message and being safe to locate. If you turn off remote content loading, which is part of Apple’s Tracking Transparency feature, you can read all the messages as usual, except that the remote content is not loaded. Let’s see how you can take steps to prevent email from finding you in Apple Mail.

  1. Open the Apple Mail app on your MacOS.
  2. Click Mail and then select Preferences from the menu bar.
  3. Now click on the View tab at the top.
  4. Finally, uncheck the “Unload external content in the message” option. It will stop loading remote content embedded in the emails.

So this is how you can block email trackers and stop sending information to them. Do you still have a question? please leave a comment below, thank you.


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