How to start using the HomePod intercom

How to start using the HomePod intercom

We show you how to use the HomePod intercom, both from our iPhone and iPad, and from the same smart speaker.

HomePod intercom

This is how the HomePod intercom works

Today we are going to teach you use the HomePod intercom. A great way to communicate with the members of the house, and that can be really good for us.

Sure if you have a HomePod, you will have that feeling that it could be much more useful. And it is that this smart speaker is far behind those we see in the market, although in sound it is the leader. We have a sound that is the best we can see in a speaker of this type.

But little by little, Apple is including more news to this device, which although they are not crazy, they can help us. So we are going to comment on one of those news that we see in the HomePod, which is the intercom.

How to use the HomePod intercom

The first thing we must do is install the latest version. Once we have everything installed and working, the process is very simple.

We enter the app <>, in which the HomePod that we have or those that we have will appear. In case of having several, we must select the speaker in which we want the message that we are going to send to sound. If we look at the top right, an icon very similar to that of the app <>.

HomePod1 intercomHomePod1 intercom

Click on the symbol to speak

We click on the icon and save the message we want to send. When we have it, click on the button ‘pause’ and the message will be sent to the selected speaker. This would be to use the intercom from the iPhone.

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To use it directly from HomePod or to reply to a message that has been sent to us, without using the iPhone, we must use the following voice command:

  • Hey Siri, intercom (we announce the message we want to send)
  • “Hey Siri, ask everyone” (we record the message)

If we want to reply to a message, the process is very similar and we should use the following voice command:

  • “Hey Siri, answer …”
  • «Hey Siri, answer (HomePod location)« and then the message.

These are the ways we have both to send a message via intercom through the HomePod, both from the iPhone or iPad, and from the Apple Watch that we can also do it. And also, we have explained how to do it also from the same speaker.

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