How to sort photos on iPhone or iPad quickly

How to sort photos on iPhone or iPad quickly

We show you the way to order photos on the iPhone or iPad, in just a few seconds and also selecting how we want them.

sort the photos

So you can sort the photos on your iPhone or iPad

Today we are going to teach you sort photos on iPhone or iPad. A great way to have our albums better adapted and finding those photos we want sooner.

The app of Photos of ios It has evolved over time, but it is true that it still has a long way to go to become a perfect app. But it is true that we have several options that we can use and that make this app a very interesting photo application.

In this case, we are going to show you one of those options that is not talked about much, but that are worth it. And it is that we can order the photos of an album with just pressing a button.

How to sort iPhone or iPad photos

The process is very simple and in a matter of seconds you will have your albums arranged as you like. Therefore, we go to the app Photos and we look for that folder in which the photos we want to order are found.

When we are in this album, click on the icon of the three dots that appears at the top right. This button appears right next to the tab <>.

sort photos 1sort photos 1

First click on the three dots icon

By clicking on this button, a menu will be displayed, in which several options appear, where the one that interests us at this moment is found. Therefore, we click on the tab <>.

By doing so, it will give us to choose three options, among which, we must select the one that best suits what we want. The options are:

  • Inclusion date.
  • From old to new.
  • Back to old.

We select the one we want and the photos will automatically be sorted according to the criteria we have chosen. That simple and that fast we can have our better organized albums.

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