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How to solve the problem of loading or opening Microsoft teams

by David
How to solve the problem of loading or opening Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams completes the full circle of people heavily invested in the Microsoft software services ecosystem. Add to the fact that Microsoft has decided to stop Skype for Business, and you should definitely look for a worthy replacement. It is not the only problem. Other users have complained that Teams does not load or open at all for them.

While there is nothing you can do to resolve the first problem, there are steps you can take to resolve the loading problem. The solutions are fairly easy to follow.

Let’s start.

1. Downtime

As discussed in the opening paragraph, servers can be down with as many people around the world, relying on teams to communicate and collaborate on tasks. But how do you know?

Instead of uploading it to Twitter, you can visit Downdetector to check the working status of the software. It’s a cool site that tracks popular apps and services. There is a live outage map with details of the most commonly reported errors. You can also view past events.

2. Known error codes

That’s some common error codes this will help you understand the problem in more detail. Have you seen any of these error codes on your screen?

  • 0xCAA20003 – Authorization problem
  • 0xCAA82EE2 – Request timed out
  • 0xCAA82EE7 – The named server is not resolved
  • 0xCAA20004 – Request not approved
  • 0xCAA90018 – Incorrect login credentials
  • none – Re-enter the PIN code with a smart card

These errors are fairly easy to resolve and you will not need my help here.

3. Try another platform and connection

Troubleshooting can take time and there is work to be done. Here’s a quick fix. The Microsoft Teams application is available on the Web, on computers and on mobile. Have you tried a different platform like Windows, Android or another browser like Firefox?

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You should try to connect to Teams using another Internet connection. If it works, you need to check your antivirus and firewall settings. Microsoft has created a practical guide to URLs and IP address ranges for Microsoft Teams and its other applications. Check them.

4. Restart and try again

Close the application and restart your computer once. Save everything so you don’t lose important data. It shouldn’t take more than a few moments, but it is known to help with several common software bugs. Launch the app again and check if Teams is still not loading or opening properly.

5. Logout

Lots of users have marked this to work in one Microsoft thread. It’s worth a try. If Teams crashes before you can do anything on Windows 10, look for the Teams icon in the system tray area. Does it appear and disappear in a second?

It will take time and practice, but what you need to do is right click on this icon and log out. This applies to desktop users. If you are fast enough, you must log out / Exit and the teams will load correctly the next time you launch.

For those looking for details, the error has to do with the event log DCOM authorization (10016) Entrance.

6. Troubleshoot teams

Press the Windows key + shortcut I to open the settings. Search Find and fix issues with Windows Store apps in the search field.

In the window that appears, click the box before the option “Apply repairs automatically” and select Next.

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Then follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the problem that the Microsoft teams are not working.

7. Uninstall and delete cache and other files

The steps vary depending on the platform on which you are experiencing the Teams not loading issue. We want to clear the cache and other temporary files. Let’s start with Windows 10. Quit Teams completely so that it doesn’t run in the background or even in the system tray. You can right-click and exit from there, or press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut to open Task Manager and kill the Teams task from there.

Uninstall the application from Control Panel or use a third party application. Press the Windows key + shortcut E to open File Explorer and after this location in the address bar:


In the window that appears, you will find that you must delete before restarting Teams again.

  • Delete all files in Application Cache> Cache
  • Delete all files in blob_storage, Cache, databases, GPUCache, IndexedDB, local storage and tmp folders.

Here are the steps for Android users. Open Settings and go to the apps list or manage the apps section and search for teams.

Press the Clear Data button at the bottom of the screen and select the two options one at a time.

Reinstall Microsoft Teams. We did this so that the old data and the cache would not cause problems while we are performing a clean reinstallation.

Try clear browser cache if you have this problem in the Chrome browser.

Reinstalling Teams from scratch will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the latest version which could bring performance improvements and major fixes.

8. Reinstall to default location

You can ignore this solution if Teams loaded correctly until it started to act randomly. If you installed Teams for the first time and it doesn’t open or display a blank screen, continue.

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Microsoft says that Teams should be installed in the default location which is:


Most users install the Windows operating system in drive C, where the above folder is located. You will need to reinstall Teams to the correct default location if this is not the case. Once done, check again whether Microsoft Teams opens / loads or not.

Teamwork works

Microsoft Teams is turning into one of the best communication and collaboration applications. It is an improvement over Skype for Business and brings many features of the same Slack. It makes a lot of sense if you already use the Office suite to some extent. I hope this guide has been able to resolve the loading or opening errors of the teams on your side.


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Last updated April 13, 2020


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