How to share Telegram wallpapers with whoever you want

How to share Telegram wallpapers with whoever you want

We show you the way to power share Telegram wallpapers with whoever you want and thus be able to show your creations.

share the wallpapers

So you can share Telegram wallpapers

Today we are going to teach you share Telegram wallpapers. A good way to have more funds and for our contacts to see what we have.

When we talk about Telegram, we are talking about one of the best messaging apps we have right now. To this day few users remain who do not know what this app is and proof of this is that it has more and more users registered. That is why we are facing the first app that has truly stood up to WhatsApp.

In this case, we are going to focus on one of those functions that we like so much, which is being able to share wallpapers. So let’s explain how to do it …

How to share Telegram wallpapers

Although it may seem that it is somewhat tedious to carry out this process, we will soon see that it is not like that, that it is easier than we think. First of all, we must go to the app settings and go directly to the wallpapers section.

We will find this section within the menu of <> within this, in the section of <>. So we access this section and each and every one of the funds that we have available will appear.

Well, once here, we select the background that we like and open it. When it is open, we will see that an arrow appears at the top right, which we must press to later select the contact with whom we want to share it …

share the wallpapers 1share the funds screen 1

Click on the arrow to select the contact

Once this is done, the other person will receive the fund that we have shared with him and he will be able to use it, share it again… He will be able to do the same as you do with said fund. In this simple way, we can share all that we have in our library of funds.


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