How to share spheres from the Apple Watch with whoever you want

How to share spheres from the Apple Watch with whoever you want

We show you the way to be able to share spheres from the Apple Watch with whoever you want, without having to use the iPhone.

 share spheres

So you can share spheres from the Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you share watch faces from Apple Watch. A great way to share the spheres you have saved with whoever you want.

As time goes by, we consider the spheres that we put on our watch more important. And it is really practical to look at your wrist and at a glance to see absolutely everything. That is why we give so much importance to the spheres that we put.

In this case, we are going to show you how to share these spheres, but directly from the watch, without having to go to the iPhone for it.

How to share spheres from Apple Watch

What we must do is go to our watch and look for the sphere that we want. To do this, we can go through the ones we have as we teach you in his day in one of our articles.

When we have the sphere we want to share in front of us, we must hold down the screen and exert some pressure on it. Thus we activate the 3D Touch that incorporates the clock and where new menus appear. In this case, the menu that will appear is to share and edit the sphere.

share spheres 1share spheres 1

Long press the sphere to share

As what we want is to share this sphere, we must click on the icon that appears just to the left of the tab <>.

By clicking on it, a message will be created directly that we can share with the other person through iMessage …

share spheres 2share spheres 2

Add the contact with whom we want to share

Now the other person will already have our dial, which can be downloaded directly to their watch to start using it. As you have seen, we have not needed to take out our iPhone at all.


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