How to share internet with iPhone. Share data with whoever you want

How to share internet with iPhone. Share data with whoever you want

Today we are going to teach you share internet with iPhone wherever you are.

How to share internet on iPhone

How to share internet on iPhone

If we are away from home and we have, for example, a iPad that does not have an internet connection and we want to connect to the network, it is clear that we cannot unless there is a Wifi near. Today, in one of our tutorials, we teach you a function that will surely interest you.

In iOS an option that will allow us to share the mobile data of our iPhone, to be able to connect devices. With this option we can make our iPhone make of router and be able to connect to it. In this way we will have Internet anywhere. A very interesting option, especially if we are in places where there is no Wifi and, also, to give connection to other people who need it.

We remember that this option consumes mobile data, so if you have contracted few data, it is not highly recommended to abuse this option.

How to share internet with iPhone:

The first thing we have to do is enter “Settings”, once inside, we have to find the tab that says «Personal access point», as we show in the image that appears at the beginning of this article.

After pressing this option, we will access a menu in which we must activate the option of «Allow others to connect», which by default is disabled.

Allow others to connect to your mobile dataAllow others to connect to your mobile data

Allow others to connect to your mobile data

When activating this option, it automatically generates a password for us. If you look at the option “Wi-Fi password” We have the generated password but if we click on it, we can change it for whatever we want.

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Now that we have the password changed, we already have our iPhone configured to make router Wifi.

How can you see at the bottom of the menu «Personal access point», iOS gives us the option to share the internet by Wifi, by Bluetooth or by USB.

We choose the option we want and that’s it.

Now, from the other device, we trace the networks Wifi that there are nearby and ours should appear. Click on it, enter the password and … enjoy!

And in this way, we can share the Internet with the iPhone, to be connected from a laptop, Tablet… or even another mobile phone, wherever we are.


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