How to share iCloud space with Family members

How to share iCloud space with Family members

We show you how to share space in iCloud in Family and thus have more space at a lower price.

share space in iCloud

So you can share space in iCloud with the Family

Today we are going to teach you share iCloud space with Family members. Ideal to have more storage space in the cloud, but at a lower price, since we share the costs.

Today, the 5GB that Apple offers us of storage in the cloud, are really few. More than anything, because we no longer only store photos, we also have all kinds of files that we can manage from the ‘Files’ app. With this app and with file management, the 5GB is really short.

That is why Apple offers us several plans to increase our storage, and in addition, we have the ability to share this storage with members of our family.

How to share space in iCloud

What we must do is go to the settings of the device and go directly to the main section, which is the first tab we see, where our name appears.

Once here, all the information of our account will appear, as well as the devices that we have registered with our Apple ID. But in this case, we must click on the tab <>.

share space in iCloud 1share iCloud space 1

Click on the ‘Family’ tab

From this section, we will manage everything related to the users that we have included in this list. What interests us right now is the iCloud storage section.

share space in iCloud 2share space in iCloud 2

Click on the ‘Space in iCloud’ tab

In this section we will find all the plans that we have available for the members that belong to this group. The only plan that we will not find will be the 50GB one. But we can activate the 200 GB or the 2TB.

Depending on what we are going to spend or on the family members, we can select one plan or another, it depends on the needs of each user. But yes, it will be cheaper, since the expense will be shared among all members.


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