How to share files and locations with Google Calendar

When planning a large event, it’s a good idea to consolidate all the information your guests need into one calendar event. This way, guests know when the event is taking place, where it is taking place, and any additional documentation they might need in advance. Did you know, however, that you can set it all up in a single Google Calendar event? All you have to do is set up the event and share it with your guests, and Google does all the work for you!

Let’s explore how you can set up your own event, with location and additional files, all in Google Calendar.

Create an event with Google Calendar

To create an event, go to Google calendar website. If the calendar does not load in your preferred viewing method, click the drop-down list at the top right and select the one that suits you. “Monthly” is a good choice to quickly create an event in the near future.

Sorting Google Calendar attachments

Select the day of your event, then select “More options.”

Google Calendar attachments More options

At the very top, enter the name of your event. You can also set the start and end time of the event. If this event does not have a defined start and end, check “All day” to make it last 24 hours.

Google Calendar attachment details

Add a location to your event

Now let’s add a location to your event. This feature is perfect if you are hosting an event at a specific location, as your guests can see the location and get directions for the event itself.

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To get started, add the location of your event in the “Location” box. If you’re going to a specific building or chain, type its name here and Google should understand what you mean.

Google Calendar attachments location

When you enter a location, a small map icon appears on the right. When you click on it, you’ll see all the information your guests will see on their event page. Check again to make sure Google Maps is pointing to the correct location.

Google Calendar attachment preview

Adding an attachment to the event

Now that you have set the title, time, and location, you can add optional attachments to the event. This is extremely useful for sharing a document with attendees of events, such as a program, invitation, ticket, or menu.

To do this, look towards the bottom of the event creation window. You should see a text box and a few options above it. Find and click the paperclip icon to attach a file.

Google Calendar attachments paperclip

By default, Google Calendar will ask you to download a file from your Google Drive. If your file is on your Drive, great. however, if it’s on your PC, you need to click “Download” at the top.

Importing attachments from Google Calendar

Once you’ve uploaded a file, give it a brief description so your guests know what it is.

Description of Google Calendar attachments

Invite guests

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to invite people to your event. Go to the right side where it says “Guests” and start entering email addresses. Don’t worry, you aren’t emailing people when you add them. You still have time to finalize the invite list before sending out the invitations.

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At the bottom, you’ll see options for what your guests can do. By default, invitees can invite friends and see the invitees list, so uncheck them if you don’t want to apply either.

Contacts from Google Calendar attachments

Once you’re ready, click on the envelope icon in the top right to prepare the email.

Google Calendar Attachment Envelope

Here you can write the email that your guests will receive. Don’t worry about adding links to your event here, because Google Calendar will take care of it.

Google Calendar attachments email

Once you’re done, send the email. Your guests will receive an email that looks like the following image.

Google Calendar attachment result

From the email, your invitees can see when the event is taking place, click on the map link to see where it is, and browse the attachments you added previously – everything you need to organize Event!

Everything your customers need in one place

Organizing an event can be difficult, so anything that condenses the process into one place is worth exploring. Now you know how to create an event on Google Calendar, add a location, attach useful documents to it, and send it to your guests.

If you’re not on time, you can also use Google Calendar to let your coworkers know you’ll be late. Is it practical? You can also delete your spam in Google Calendar with these tips.


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