How to share family subscriptions from iPhone

How to share family subscriptions from iPhone

We show you how to share subscriptions as a family, activating it both from your iPhone and from the iPad itself.

share subscriptions

So you can share subscriptions with your family

Today we are going to teach you share subscriptions as a family. A good way to share expenses and make subscriptions much cheaper.

When we talk about subscriptions, we see that today practically everything starts from that base. And it is that it has been seen that people prefer to pay a minimum and fixed amount per month, than to pay an amount all at once. This means that nowadays all services have this payment method.

In this case Apple was not going to be less and has jumped on this bandwagon, but it is also that it offers us the possibility of sharing family expenses and that it is much cheaper.

Sharing Subscriptions as a Family

First of all, we must have our family set up, that is, that section in which we can include up to 6 Apple IDs and that all purchases can be enjoyed by everyone.

Once we have configured this section, it is the turn of the subscriptions. And it is that this section is perhaps almost as important or more, than sharing the purchased apps. Since for the same price, we can all enjoy services such as Apple Arcade, Apple Music, iCloud….

Thus, we go to the app of the App Store and directly click on our profile. Inside, we will see a tab with the name of <>, which we must press.

share subscriptions 1share the subscriptions 1

From the subscription section

Inside, all the subscriptions that we have contracted will appear, but at the top is the section that really interests us, which is <>.

share subscriptions 2share subscriptions 2

Activate the sharing tab

By activating this tab, we can now share our services with our group of ‘In family’. In addition, at the bottom, we will see the services that we have active and that, therefore, we are sharing.

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