How to share any GIF on Instagram Stories from iPhone

How to share any GIF on Instagram Stories from iPhone

We show you the way to share any GIF in Instagram Stories, so that you stop using those that come to us in the app.

GIF on Instagram Stories

So you can add any GIF in Instagram Stories

Today we are going to teach you share any GIF on Instagram Stories. Ideal to use all the library that we have in GIPHY.

Surely we have all seen those GIFs that the extensive library of GIPHY. Many are the apps that make use of this library and incorporate it into their own. Instagram in this case, for the moment, does not use it and uses its own … which is already known to be neither very extensive nor very good.

That is why today at APPerlas we are going to give you the solution to end this. So we can use any GIF that we see in GIPHY and incorporate it into our stories.

How to share any GIF on Instagram Stories

What we should do is create the stories that we want, be it a photo or a video and when we have it, the magic will begin.

We must first go to the GIPHY app or in the case that we do not have it installed, it would be enough with go to the web. Once here, we look for the GIF we want and it is as simple as copy it to clipboard. We will see that a button appears to do so, which we must keep pressed …

Hold down the button and then click Copy

When we do it, we go to the story that we are creating and we will see that the GIF that we have copied appears in a small way. We give it to add and place it where we want.

GIF on Instagram Stories 2GIF on Instagram Stories 2

Add the sticker which is a GIF

In this simple way we can use any GIF that we see in GIPHY and make use of it when we go to publish a story on our Instagram account.

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