How to share an iCloud folder in the app you want

How to share an iCloud folder in the app you want

We show you the way to share an iCloud folder in the app you want and without any kind of problem or restriction.

share an iCloud folder

So you can share an iCloud folder

Today we are going to teach you share an iCloud folder. A great way to send documents, without having to do it one by one.

When we want to send documents, perhaps the most chosen medium is email. It is true that it seems more comfortable, but perhaps there are faster ways to do it. And it is in those ways that today we are going to focus and we are going to show you.

So if you want to send documents by Whatsapp, for example, you will be able to do it without any problem and by following the steps that we give you below.

How to share an iCloud folder

Perhaps you are thinking that it is simple and that you just have to go to iCloud Files, select the folder and then send it. Well, we just tell you, take the test and see what happens.

If you don’t want to do the test, what happens is that you send the folder, but when the other person opens the file, the app closes. The correct process to be able to send that folder should be as follows:

  1. We go to the iCloud Files app.
  2. We select the folder and instead of sending it, we give it to compress.
  3. We go to the WhatsApp app and select the option to send document.
  4. We select the file and that’s it.
share an iCloud folder 1share an iCloud folder 1

Compress the folder

This would be the correct way to do it. In this way, we can take a folder or several and compress them, to later send it to the contact we choose.

share an iCloud 2 foldershare a folder iCloud 2

Send as document

Without a doubt, a really good option, which saves us a lot of time when sending documents through WhatsApp or the platform we choose.


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