How to share a Telegram channel with a QR code

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We show you the way to share a Telegram channel with a QR code, so that it is much more convenient for us to show it.

So you can share a Telegram channel with a QR code

Today we are going to teach you share a Telegram channel with a QR code. A great way to print it, for example, if we have an establishment.

Telegram it is always giving us more. Every day it makes things much easier for us and is always thinking of its users. The truth is that it incorporates many new features that its users ask for and that is why there are more and more people. This means that it is establishing itself as one of the best instant messaging apps.

In this case, it gives us the possibility of being able to share a Telegram channel with a QR code, so that we can print it and be scanned, for example.

How to share a Telegram channel with a QR code

The process is very simple, but it is true that you have to have the steps quite clear. Once we know how to do it, we can carry it out without any problem.

Therefore, to begin with, we go to a channel that we have created. Once here, we go to the information about it and click on the button <>.

It will be then when a tab appears with the name of <>. So we click on this …

share a Telegram channel 1share a Telegram channel 1

Click on the links tab

Once inside, we will see that the link that we are going to share appears, but right next to it there is a button with three dots. These points will be the ones that we must press.

share a Telegram channel 2share a Telegram channel 2

Get the code

And then we give <>. In this way, this code will be generated for us at the moment that we can use instantly or that we can also share.

Now you can share this code wherever you want and you don’t need to pass the link of your channel. Without a doubt, a good way to gain subscribers to your channel and without having to share a link.


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