How to set the dark theme to the Kindle app for iOS

How to set the dark theme to the Kindle app for iOS

We show you the way to be able to put the dark theme to the Kindle app for iOS and thus be able to enjoy this theme when we have less light.

dark to Kindle app

So you can put the dark theme to the Kindle app

Today we are going to teach you set the dark theme to the Kindle app. A good way to have this theme, which is not changed automatically.

If there is a known platform to read, that is without a doubt Kindle. Amazon has managed to have a very complete reading platform, which is undoubtedly Apple’s great competition. Let us remember that those from Cupertino have had their Books app since the arrival of the first iPad. And Amazon has undoubtedly managed to stand up to it, due to its large catalog and its price.

But in this case we are going to talk about its app for iOS, where we see that the dark theme is not set automatically. In this case, we must activate it ourselves and we will show you how to do it.

How to set the dark theme to the Kindle app

The process is very simple, we go to the app that we must have installed on the iPhone and we go to its settings. To do this, click on the icon <> that we see in the lower right.

Inside we will see several options that we can modify, but where the tab we want is located. This tab is for <>. So we click on it and we will access the menu that interests us.

Within this section, we will see one with the name of <>. Click on it to access the selection of the topic we want.

theme to Kindle 1 appdark to Kindle app 1

Click on the Theme tab

Inside we will see that we can choose both the light theme and the dark theme. Depending on the time of day in which we are, we can select one or the other, so that it hurts the least to our vision. An option that Amazon should implement automatically with the system, that is, with iOS.


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