How to SET multiple messages on Telegram from iPhone

How to SET multiple messages on Telegram from iPhone

We show you the way to power pin multiple messages on Telegram, so that we can access them whenever we want and quickly.

pin multiple messages on Telegram

So you can set several messages on Telegram

Today we are going to teach you pin multiple messages on Telegram. Ideal to have a work chat with the tasks to be carried out, for example.

Until now we have seen how to be able to fix a message in a conversation, which can really come in handy to highlight something important. But Telegram, which always listens to its users, updates its application very often and always incorporates interesting news.

In this case, they let us set more than one message in a conversation and create as a list within a chat. Something that we see as ideal, if we have a work or class group, for example.

How to pin multiple messages on Telegram

The process is very simple and it really is done exactly the same as when we want to fix just one. The only difference is that this time we can fix more without any problem.

Thus, we go to the conversation and look for the messages we want to fix. We hold down the first one and we will see that it gives us the option to set.

pin multiple messages on Telegram 1fix various messages on Telegram 1

Long press the message

In addition, we also have the option of setting it only in our chat or of doing it in that of the other or other people. In this section we do what suits us best. To fix the next one, we carry out exactly the same process and so on with all of them.

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Once this is done, we will see that all those fixed messages appear at the top. Well, we just have to click on this bar that we see and we will have access to all the messages that we have posted.

pin multiple messages on Telegram 2pin multiple messages on Telegram 2

View all pinned messages

In this way, if in a work group they tell us the things that we must do, we can set it in our chat for ourselves and see the tasks that we must perform.


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