How to set a time limit on Facebook from iPhone

How to set a time limit on Facebook from iPhone

We show you the way to put a time limit on Facebook from the iPhone or from the iPad, so that it notifies us when we have passed.

Facebook time limit

So you can activate a time limit on Facebook

Today we are going to teach you put a time limit on Facebook. A good way to spend less time on this social network and thus not be so hooked.

Surely on more than one occasion you have thought that of «I spend a lot of time on this social network». That is why social networks like Facebook, they give us the possibility of creating an alert so that we do not spend so much time. With this we get that when we have exceeded that limit, the app warns us and we can stop using it.

So if you find it difficult to leave Facebook, following the steps that we are going to give you, we are sure that little by little you will be able to completely unhook yourself.

How to put a time limit on Facebook

Well, what we should do is go to the app and directly to the main menu. To do this, click on the button of the three horizontal lines that we find at the bottom right.

Once here, we must look for the tab of <>. So that the option we are looking for is displayed, which is the <>.

Enter the configuration section

Click on this and we will see that several folders appear, with various functions. In this case, we must focus on the <>.

time limit on Facebook 2time limit on Facebook 2

Go to the folder to manage your time

We go in and head to the bottom of this section. We find the tab that really interests us, which is the <>. We activate this tab …

time limit on Facebook 3time limit on Facebook 3

Activate reminder

In doing so, it will ask us to set a time to notify us once we have exceeded it. Therefore, we select the time we want to spend using the app and accept.

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From now on the app will start counting every time we enter it and once we have exceeded the established time, it will let us know so that we leave the app.


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