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How to send audios on Twitter from iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to send audios on Twitter from the iPhone or iPad, in order to express what we want by voice message.

audios on Twitter

So you can send audios on Twitter

Today we are going to teach you send audios on Twitter from the iPhone. A great way to express ourselves through audio and to communicate in a better way.

Surely if you have Twitter, you could have verified that when writing a new tweet, a tab appears that does not symbolize the audio. This icon is so that we can send audios on Twitter and be able to publish voice messages, instead of sending a photo, a video …

So if you want to start using this function, don’t miss out on what we are going to tell you next and start posting on Twitter differently.

How to send audios on Twitter

What we must do is very simple. We must go to the section in which we publish the tweets. It will be here where we will find the tab that we are talking about.

Therefore, we click on this tab and start recording our voice message to be published in our account …

Click on the voice message icon

By doing so, we click send and all of our followers will automatically be able to listen to what we have recorded. Without a doubt it is a great way to communicate with others, faster and more directly. This is a great step when it comes to reporting news, sending song demos…

Once again, Twitter is fully successful, implementing a function that will gradually reach all users. Therefore, if you have tried to use this function and cannot find it, in the next few days you will have full access to it. It is slowly reaching all of its users.

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