How to send an email of more than 25 mb from the iPhone

How to send an email of more than 25 mb from the iPhone

We show you the way to send an email of more than 25 mb from the iPhone or the iPad without having any kind of problems when doing it.

mail over 25 mb

So you can send an email of more than 25 mb

Today we are going to teach you send an email of more than 25 mb. A good solution to that problem we have when it comes to wanting to send a heavy mail, and we cannot skip that restriction.

If you have ever wanted to send a heavy file by mail, over 25 mb, you will have verified that it does not let you. This is due to a restriction that prevents us from sending these heavy files. It is true that you can search for alternatives online that in the end will solve the ballot.

But we are going to give you the solution, without having to install anything or search absolutely for anything on the net. So let’s explain how to do it …

How to send an email of more than 25 mb from the iPhone

The process is very simple. To do this, we go to the place where we have the file, in our case, we have it hosted on iCloud Drive.

So, once we have the heavy file, click on the share button and all we have to do is select the iOS mail app. It will be the native email app that allows us to carry out this process.

By having the file already in our mail to write and send, we will see that an informative message appears, in which it tells us that it is very heavy.

mail over 25 mb 1mail over 25 mb 1

We must click on the Mail Drop option

But it gives us an alternative, which is called <>, which we must press. This alternative was created by Apple for this type of files so that we can skip this restriction.

Of course, we must know that when sending the files by this method, the email will be available to the other person for 30 days, then it will be deleted.

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