How to send a false location by WhatsApp, the definitive trick

How to send a false location by WhatsApp, the definitive trick

We are going to show you the best way to send a fake location by WhatsApp. A definitive trick, with which they will never discover that we are lying when sending our location.

Send fake location by WhatsApp

Today we are going to teach you send a fake location by WhatsApp. A tip that we already talked about a few months ago, but this time it will be impossible for them to know if it is true or a lie.

We have already told you on several occasions how to send fake locations through WhatsApp. Without a doubt, they can be a great escape route when you don’t want to go somewhere, when you don’t want to receive visitors … You can use it for whatever you want, but until now it had a small flaw and they could discover us.

Now however, we bring you the final form. We no longer have to worry about whether we get caught or not, because it is impossible to find out.

How to send a fake location by WhatsApp:

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It is very simple and also, here above we show you a video in which we explain it really well, as we always do.

Therefore, we enter WhatsApp and we go to the location sharing section (We click on the “+” button that appears to the left of the place where we write the message and click on the “Location” option). We access the map and we will have to remove the search engine to be able to move around the map. To do this, we slide the search engine down and we will see that a blue point appears, which we can move around the map.

false location by WhatsApp 1fake location by WhatsApp 1

Move icon on the map

We look for the place where we are going to put our blue point. This place will be the one we ship later, so it has to be a credible one. When we have it, under no circumstances should we click on the tab «Send location». Before doing that, you have to activate airplane mode and just after, move on the map a little bit, so that the search engine returns to look for the place.

false location by WhatsApp 2location fake by WhatsApp 2

Select the false zone that we are going to send

The thing is that when we move on the map without data, it will stay looking and this will be the moment in which we can send our location. Obviously, it will stay loading because we have no data, so we deactivate the airplane mode. Automatically, our location will be sent and will appear as if we were in that place.

We hope it has come from pearls, as it has come to us on more than one occasion lol.



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