How to selfie with applause and whistle for an old phone

Is there any way to take a selfie photo without touching the phone of the old device? We know that most of the newer phones, mid to high end devices, have been equipped with a gesture or voice sensor to take a photo. This technology allows you to take pictures without even touching the phone. Applause, voice command, flashing or any other gesture can make your smartphone automatically take a photo or shoot a video. This feature is now available even for the old phone. All you need to do is install one of these awesome Android apps.

How to selfie with applause and whistle for an old phone

  • Self Camera Shot. This little app deserves two thumbs up. It can help your old low-end phone or smartphone to take a selfie automatically. You can choose the app to respond to your whistling or applause. These two methods can be done separately, whistling only or clapping only. Download Self Camera Shot here.
  • Whistle Camera. As the name suggests, this is another alternative app for taking photos with a whistle. This application is available in free or paid version. The free version allows you to take selfies only, but no video. You need to purchase the app for the video function. Always worth a try, Self Camera Shot

If the app does not respond to your hissing or clapping, please adjust its sensitivity to the maximum value. Open the app setting and set its value to 1 (highest). You can also make other adjustment for photo or video resolution for better result. Try and good luck …

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