How to select the YouTube history that we want to delete

How to select the YouTube history that we want to delete

We show you the way to select the YouTube history that we can delete and thus delete what we are not interested in.

So you can select the YouTube history you want to delete

Today we are going to teach you select the Youtube history that we want to delete. A great way to remove what we are not interested in and keep what we really want.

If we look, after time or days, we see that we accumulate a series of videos on this platform that we are talking about, which may surprise us. And it is that YouTube is that service that we use practically every day and for anything, whatever it is, we have it on this platform.

That is why, over time, we are accumulating a fairly extensive history and perhaps we are interested in erasing all or only a part of it. So do not miss anything that we tell you below, because we explain everything to you.

How to select the YouTube history that we want to delete

The process is very simple and from the app itself we will be able to carry out everything. To do this, we go to the app and click directly on the section of “Library”. We will see that everything we have been seeing since the last time we deleted everything appears here, until now.

But, in this case we do not want to eliminate everything, but we do want to keep what really interests us. Therefore, what we must do is click on the tab with the three vertical points that we see at the top right. A menu is displayed at the bottom, where we must click this time on the tab “History control”.

We now come to a new screen, where several options appear, among which is the “Manage all your activity”.

select Youtube history 1

Manage your activity

We click on this and again, the entire history of videos that we have been watching appears again. To see it, we scroll down and they will all appear one by one.

As what we want is to delete them, we just have to click on the cross icon and it will automatically be deleted …

select Youtube history 2

Delete the video we want

In this simple way we can select which videos we want to delete from our history and which we want to keep.


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