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How to select part of the text in a Telegram message

We show you the way to select part of the text in a Telegram message that we have received and of which we want to copy a part.

So you can select part of the text in a Telegram message

Today we are going to teach you select part of the text in a Telegram message. An excellent function, which helps us to copy that part that really matters to us and avoid copying all the text.

If we talk about a very complete instant messaging app, without a doubt that is Telegram. And it is that with the passage of time it has become that perfect app to communicate and send files, among other things. With more or less, one update a month, they give us the most interesting news.

Without going any further, we are going to talk about a function that cannot really come in handy when we want to copy part of a text that we have received.

How to select part of the text in a Telegram message

The process is very simple, we just have to go to the message in which is that part that we want to select. When we have located it, we keep it pressed, so that we can see that pop-up menu that we already know …

text in a Telegram message 1text in a telegram message 1

Long press the message

Now, in this section, in which we see the message at the top, we can select the part we want of said message. Just as we would with a text that we have found on a website or in a document. We select it and we give it to copy …

text in a Telegram 2 messagetext in a Telegram message 2

Select the part of the text that we want

And voila, we will have it on our clipboard, fully available to be used wherever we want. In this way, we will not have to copy all the text, to paste it into a note (for example) and to be able to extract from it the part that really interests us.

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So you know a trick more than Telegram for you to put it into practice, we are sure that you will use it on more than one occasion.

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