How to Select and Record Video in PAL Format with iPhone

How to Select and Record Video in PAL Format with iPhone

We show you the way to be able to record in PAL format with our iPhone and thus use this format known especially in Europe.

 PAL format

So you can record in PAL format with the iPhone

Today we are going to teach you record in PAL format with iPhone. A good way to use a popular video recording format in Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

When selecting the video format with which we want to record on our iPhone, we find several options to do so. Well, with the arrival of iOS 14.3, Apple gives us the ability to add a new format to these recordings and we can do it in what is known as PAL.

These recordings are made at 1080p HD or 4K at 25 fps, in this way, our iPhone already has another way to record. We are going to explain how to activate this format.

How to record video in PAL format

As we have already commented previously, we must have at least iOS 14.3 installed for this option to appear. Once we know this, we go to the settings and look for the tab <>.

Inside we will see several options and tabs that we can modify, but in this case we are only interested in the video section. So we click on the tab <>.

Click and we will see that several formats appear that we can choose, among them we will have the one known as PAL. But first we must activate the tab that appears below …

PAL 1 formatPAL 1 format

Select the format we want

In addition, as we have specified, we can record both 1080p and 4K without any problem. It is a format widely used in Europe and it will also take up less space on our iPhone than other formats that we have available.

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In this way, Apple gives us the possibility of using a new format, which as we always say, we can use based on the needs we have at all times.


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