How to see your likes on Instagram and see the photos you liked

How to see your likes on Instagram and see the photos you liked

We show you the way to see your likes on Instagram, to be able to check all the publications that you have been seeing and have liked.

likes on Instagram

So you can see your likes on Instagram

Today we are going to teach you see the likes on Instagram. That is, we are going to go to the menu in which we find all the publications that we have been seeing and that we have liked.

Over time, Instagram It has become the most important social network of the moment. And it is that everything happens through this social network and many users base their lives around this social network. When we mean that they base their life, we mean that they live on Instagram.

In this case, we are going to focus on a topic that really matters in this social network, which are the ‘Likes’. We are going to go to the section in which all the photos that we have given to ‘I like it’.

How to see the likes on Instagram, the photos that you have liked

In previous versions of this social network, we had it much easier to see all these publications that we are liking. But the truth is that with the passage of time, this has become a little more complicated.

We are going to show you the place where this menu is located and thus be able to see all those publications to which you have given ‘Like’. To do this, we go to the settings of our account, passing the icon of the horizontal bars that appear in the section of our profile.

Once the menu appears, we must click on the tab <>. Inside we will already find several settings that we can modify, based on our preferences.

We must click on the tab that we see with the name of <>. This is the section that interests us right now …

likes on Instagram 1likes on Instagram 1

Enter your account settings

Inside we will see again several options, among which is that of <>, which will be what we should press to see everything like this …

likes on Instagram 2likes on Instagram 2

Go to the posts you liked

Once this is done, we will be able to see all the publications that you have liked, since each and every one of them will appear. We can also see them one by one or we can also see them in mosaic mode. We already choose what we like the most.

The truth is that it is a bit hidden, but knowing where it is located, now it is much easier to find this function.


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