How to see Twitter lists quickly and make them more accessible

How to see Twitter lists quickly and make them more accessible

If you want see Twitter lists quickly we will tell you a tip that will surely interest you. A way to have them very accessible and to visit them whenever you want by executing a simple gesture of your finger on the screen of the iPhone or iPad.

View Twitter lists quickly

Quickly view Twitter lists

The lists of Twitter They are one of the most interesting functions of the bird’s social network. In them we can add all the accounts that we want and categorize them by themes. A way to tidy up our sometimes chaotic Timeline.

We use it a lot. We have different lists, differentiated by theme, and each time we go to twitter, apart from viewing our general timeline, we review the lists of «Apple News», «News from Spain» and «News from Alicante». A quick way to access the tweets that have been published by each of the accounts associated with each of the lists. We even have one in which we gather famous people, of our interest, that allows us to see their latest published tweets. Among them is, of course, Tim Cook.

A good way to have everything that interests you, in an organized way.

How to view Twitter lists quickly:

Pressing on our profile image we will see that a side menu opens in which we will see the “Lists” option.

Access your Twitter listsAccess your Twitter lists

Access your Twitter lists

Clicking on it we will access the lists that we have created and, also, the possibility of creating the ones that we want by clicking on the icon that appears characterized by a blue circle at the bottom of the screen. We can even see in which lists we have been included by clicking on the three dots that appear in the upper right.

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Well, now is the time to explain how to make them more accessible. All the lists to which we want to have quick access, we must mark them with the pin that appears on the right side of each one of them. Doing that we will post them on the screen of our Timeline.

Set the lists you want to make more accessibleSet the lists you want to make more accessible

Set the lists you want to make more accessible

In this way, to visit them, simply press them or move your finger to the right / left on the screen.

Access your Twitter lists fasterAccess your Twitter lists faster

Access your Twitter lists faster

A very useful way to always keep in mind everything that interests us and, above all, very accessible.



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