How to see the percentage of the battery of the AirPods. What load do they have?

We tell you the way to know the percentage of charge that the airpods battery. There are three ways to see it. If you have this great accessory of Manzana, do not hesitate to continue reading.

AirPods battery charge level

AirPods battery charge level

If you are owner of some Airpods, Congratulations. You are the owner of the best accessory for us Manzana in a while. Personally, I don’t take them off my ear.

Without a doubt, it is a leap in quality. Being able to listen to music, watch videos, make calls, send messages … from headphones is amazing. But it is the absence of cables, one of the most outstanding things.

Surely if you have some, and you still don’t know how to do it, one of the questions that you will have asked yourself from the beginning is … how do I know the percentage of airpods battery? … and the one in the box ?. It is a question that we are going to reveal below. If you think there is only one way to see it, you are wrong. There are 3 ways.

3 ways to view the battery charge level of Airpods:

We are going to tell you the 3 ways there are to do this, starting with the way that everyone uses:

Opening the box, with the Airpods inside, next to the iPhone or iPad:

By doing this (as long as the headphones are paired with the iOS device) an image will appear in which we will see the charge level of the headphones and the box.

AirPods Battery PercentageAirPods Battery Percentage

AirPods battery percentage

If we want to know what is the charge level of each of the Airpods, just take one out. This will bring up the load of each Airpod separately.

Battery percentage of each AirPodBattery percentage of each AirPod

Battery percentage of each AirPod

From the BATTERY Widget:

Adding the widget from battery to our iPhone, we can know, at all times, the level of battery charge of the Airpods.

AirPods battery level in the WidgetAirPods battery level in the Widget

AirPods battery level in the Widget

If we have them in the box it will appear in the widget, when we open the box. It will show us both the charge of the headphones and that of the box. If we have them on, we can see the charge level only of the headphones.

Drum WidgetDrum Widget

Battery widget

From the control center while playing videos or music:

If we are watching a video or listening to music, from the control center, pressing on the waves that appear in blue we will access the battery percentage of the Airpods.

Access to AirPods battery in control centerAccess to AirPods battery in control center

Access to AirPods battery in control center

Also from within the music apps, for example in Spotify, clicking on the connection bluetooth that appears in green we can also check the battery level of this accessory.

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What do you think?. Did you know that there were so many ways to check the charge level of Airpods ?.

And since we are in this situation, surely you are interested in knowing how to configure, at your whim, Apple’s wireless headphones:

We hope it has served you and that you share this tutorial with everyone who owns these headphones, one of the great apple accessories.

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