How to see the name on WhatsApp that each person puts on their profile

How to see the name on WhatsApp that each person puts on their profile

Do you really know the name on Whatsapp What do your contacts have? Do not think that it is the name that appears in WhatsApp. That name that you see is the one that you have given to that contact in your agenda. We are going to teach you to see the name that this contact has put.

Name on Whatsapp

Name in Whatsapp

Sure if you are in a group of Whatsapp, in which there are people that you do not have added to your contacts, you will see, under their number, the symbol “~” followed by a name … right? That is the name that we put, each one, in our profile of this messaging platform. Surely many will not appear that data, right ?. Here we explain why.

Before continuing, we want to make it clear that whether or not the person’s name appears under the phone number has nothing to do with whether a contact has deleted you from their phone book, has blocked you…. That name must always appear, whether you are blocked or not, whether or not they have you in their contact list….

To the people who have us in their contacts, we will appear with the name that they have put us in their agenda. This is why we want to make it clear that we will only see the name “official” of those people that we do not have in our contacts.

How to see a person’s name on WhatsApp:

We can see it whenever we click on the phone number of a contact that we do not have added.

In a group where that account appears Whatsapp of which we want to know the name, we access its information by clicking on the name of the chat. All the info of that chat will be opened and now we go down until we find one of that person in which only the phone number appears. Now we click on it and select the option “Info.”. There we can know what name that person has on their WhatsApp.

Contact information

We see the information we seek

Yes the person’s name does not appear, we must establish communication with her to be able to see it. Once you write to us, it will appear.

The name does not appear on Whatsapp

Name does not appear

In this way Whatsapp It puts an iota of privacy to our number by not showing our name at the first change. It is therefore important not to answer strangers. Many want us to reply to their messages to see our name, as long as we have it written.

If you want to gossip to a contact, you just have to start a chat with him. You add him to your contacts as “so and so” and once you have the chat on the screen, you just have to delete the contact, clicking on his name and giving the option EDIT. From there, we remove contact. With this, the chat is headed with your phone number and not with your name. It is now when we must click on the mobile number that appears at the top of the chat. There we will see the name that that person has on Whatsapp.

Don’t you see the info, phrase that we put on WhatsApp, of your contact ?:

Carrying out this “gossip” has a problem and that is that, after doing so, when we click on the phone number again to add the contact to our agenda, the “info” may not appear. (phrase that we usually put in our WhatsApp).

Whatsapp infoWhatsApp info

Whatsapp info

To remedy this, we must delete the contact from WhatsApp and re-enter it directly from the mobile phone book. By doing this, when entering the app, by clicking on the contact, we will see that it has the “info” available again.

Increase your privacy on WhatsApp with this trick:

Knowing all this, if you do not want anyone to identify you with your phone number, you must put whatever is in that part that is not your name. For example, we have the forbidden sign emoticon on.

Name in WhatsappName on Whatsapp

I am wearing the FORBIDDEN emoticon

That is why we encourage you not to put your name on WhatsApp. Put anything else. In this way, when a stranger contacts us to know our name, we will not give him that pleasure.

We hope you found this article interesting and share it with all the people who may be interested.

All the best.


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