How to see the length of steps you take during the day

How to see the length of steps you take during the day

We show you how to see the length of the steps you are taking during the day, that is, you will see an approximate average of these.

length of steps

So you can know the length of the steps you take during the day

Today we are going to teach you see the length of the steps you take during the day. Ideal, above all, to know if you take many steps or if, on the contrary, you need to take more steps since they are shorter.

Surely many times, when we are walking somewhere, we see people who go faster than us. This can be for various reasons, but above all, it is because they either take longer steps or because they actually go much faster than us.

Well, Apple gives us the possibility to know if our steps are short or if they are long. A good way to improve our walks or to continue as before, but having more information about your steps.

How to see the length of the steps

Apple provides us with an app ‘Health’ which is a treasure. In this app we have information of all kinds and we can see it and know practically everything about ourselves.

This app that we are talking about, complements perfectly with the Apple Watch. With this device, this app is already amazing. Well, within this app, and looking a bit, we will be able to see the length of our steps … among other things.

For it, we enter the app and click on the tab that we see in blue that says <>.

length of steps 1length of steps 1

Show all data

Within this menu, we will see all the information that both the iPhone and the Apple Watch collect from our day to day. We scroll to the bottom and we will see a tab in an orange color that says <>.

length of steps 2length of steps 2

See the average length of your steps

Here we see a number, but if we enter, we will see detailed information of our daily steps. That is, the length of our daily steps. Perfect, to know a little more about our steps.

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