How to see the GIF section on Telegram from iPhone or iPad

How to see the GIF section on Telegram from iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to see the GIF section on Telegram and thus have access to all the moving images we want.

GIFs on Telegram

So you can access the GIF section on Telegram

Today we are going to teach you See the GIF section on Telegram. A good way to access all these images, which also come very well distributed.

Telegram is today one of the best, if not the best, instant messaging app. And it is that with it we can do practically everything. If at any moment we think that something is missing, a few days later an update appears with these news.

In this case it is the turn of GIFs and that section that we have dedicated in the app, and which is also really well organized.

How to see the GIF section on Telegram

Well, what we should do is enter any conversation in which we are going to send one of these animated images. Once here, click on the icon of the stickers, which appears in the writing bar, just to the right.

We will see that all the stickers that we have saved appear, but that on the left side of everything, we have a tab with the name of <>, which we must press.

GIFs on Telegram 1GIFs on Telegram 1

From the stickers, click on the corresponding tab

Here we finally come to the section we are talking about. We can search for them by favorites, by the most recent, the most used by users and last but not least, a search engine. As we have mentioned, we have them very well organized.

Select the one we like the most

And in this simple way, we will have full access to GIFs in Telegram, so that we can use them in any conversation we meet. One more point in favor of this instant messaging app.

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