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How to see how much Apple Watch storage we have available

We show you how to see all the storage of the Apple Watch, just as we do on our iPhone and see how much is available.

So you can see the storage of the Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you view Apple Watch storage. A good way to know what we have available, to continue downloading music or applications.

When we talk about Apple watch, without a doubt we are talking about one of the devices of Manzana more practical and complete that we have right now. And we really have a watch, but with all the features that an iPhone can give us, adding that extra health control.

In addition, it is a device that has ample storage, which is sure to surprise you when you see it, especially in the newer devices.

How to view Apple Watch storage

To see this data, we do not need to go to iPhone, that is to say, that from the same clock we will be able to see absolutely everything.

So we go to the clock and we go to the settings of the same. Once here, we look for the tab <> and then we go to <>.

In this section, we are going to see all the storage information, as well as the use we have given it since we disconnected it from the power. But we are interested in storage, which is what appears right at the beginning.

Apple Watch 1 storagestorage Apple Watch 1

Since Settings / General / Use, we can see this information

In addition, we are going to see what each application that we have installed on the clock occupies, so that we can get an idea of ​​which application is the one with the most storage.

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In this way, you can already know how much storage you have on your Watch, and also know what you have available. So you can go eliminating based on what you need most.

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