How to see all the Instagram stories you’ve shared in order

How to see all the Instagram stories you've shared in order

We show you how to see in chronological order, all the Instagram stories that we have been sharing over time.

So you can see all the Instagram stories you have published

Today we are going to teach you see in order all the Instagram stories we have shared. A good way not to lose these publications that only we have access to.

With the advent of stories, the way we post on Instagram changed. That is, we could not only make a publication on our profile, but we could also make those types of publications that disappeared with the passage of time. Without a doubt, a great success on the part of Instagram, as we have seen.

We are going to show you the way to access those publications that we thought were out of our reach and we will be able to see them chronologically.

How to see all the Instagram stories we have published in order

What we must do is go to our profile and go directly to the menu that we have hidden behind the icon of the horizontal bars, in the upper right.

Once here, we will see that of the first tabs that appear, there is one with the name of <>, so we click on this …

all Instagram stories 1all Instagram stories 1

Click on the Archive tab

Doing so will take us to the section that interests us, which is where all the stories we have shared are found. We can see the publications in mosaic mode, by date and even by location …

all Instagram stories 2all instagram stories 2

See all photos in chronological order

Now we just have to choose the way we want to see them and that’s it. In addition, we can see them all one after another, as if we were watching a story. It is undoubtedly a great way to access all those photos that we no longer had, but Instagram keeps each and every one of them for us.


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