How to search for work from Facebook and with your iPhone or iPad

We show you the fast and safe way to search for work from Facebook, where we will find a multitude of offers that can help us.

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So you can search for work from Facebook and in a really simple way

Today we are going to teach you search job from Facebook. A great way to find employment from this social network and this platform that has been created.

FacebookAs we have already commented on other times, it was one of the first social networks and one of the most users. In addition, they have been implementing over time, a multitude of functions and options that can make us somewhat more productive.

One of those functions is the one that we are going to discuss today. And it is that we will be able to look for work from this social network and in the place of the world that we want.

How to search for work from Facebook

What we must do is go to the main Facebook menu. To do this, click on the button of the three horizontal lines and we will access this menu.

Once here, we must click on the tab that appears at the bottom with the name of <>. In this way we will deploy more tabs and more functions.

Among all these functions that appear to us, we will see that of <>. We must press sip this and each and every one of the available offers will appear.

search job 1find job 1

From the main menu, we must click on the Jobs tab, to see the offers

Also at the top of this list, a small filter appears that we can modify to find something more interesting near where we live, that is, that we can modify the radius in which to search.

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Without a doubt, a good Facebook initiative to help us look for a job. Anything that is facilitating such work will be well received by the entire Facebook community.

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