How to Search for Emoji on iPhone or iPad

How to Search for Emoji on iPhone or iPad

I mostly typed messages on my iPhone and searched for a specific Emoji, but I keep looking for it in the list of Emojis and not finding it. Apple has added the Emoji search feature so that people like me can easily search for the right Emoji by typing in the search field.

If you’re also a Mac user, emoji searches are already available, and the most requested feature has finally been added in iOS 14 for iPhone and iPad. Compared to other new features of iOS 14 and iPadOS, this emoji search feature is not a huge improvement but will have a huge impact in facilitating users of iOS devices.

So let’s see how we can search the emoji on the iPhone or iPad while using any app where you can use the keyboard. However, make sure that Emoji is enabled from the keyboard settings before following the steps below.


  1. So go to General> Keyboard> Keyboards
  2. Make sure Emoji is in the list, otherwise click on the Add New Keyboard option … and then select Emoji from the list.

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How to Search for Emoji iPhone

  1. Open the Messaging app like Messages and start a new conversation or reply to an existing one.
  2. Tap in the text box of the message and tap the smiley icon when you see the keyboard, or tap and hold the Globe icon to see the Emoji option.
    search emoji iphoneview emoji iphone
  3. Once you see the list of emojis, you will see a search emoji box. Tap on it to start searching for the emoji.
    tap to search for emoji
  4. Like I’m looking for a fish, and after typing it, I got some results that we can sweep and everyone can see.
    emoji search result
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I really like the new add-on in iOS 14, where I can easily search for emoji on my iPhone, tell us what you think of it, leave a comment below.

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