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How to search any GIF from WHATSAPP on iPhone

To send a GIF from WhatsApp. Use the search engine provided by the app and find the image you want to share.

Search GIF from WhatsApp

Search GIF from WhatsApp

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Today we teach you to use the search engine that we have in the app, to be able to send any GIF from WhatsApp. In it we can find the moving image we want. There are thousands and thousands of Gif’s to share.

WhatsAppAs we have been commenting for a while, it has evolved remarkably and we like it more and more. This is synonymous with the fact that they are doing things well and that we are less and less thinking about changing applications. With the possibility of sending GIF, we have more possibilities to show the action, mood … that we want, thanks search engine to be able to find any moving image we want.

How to search and send any GIF from WhatsApp:

What we have to do is very simple, just go to the chat of the contact or group to whom we want to send a GIF and click on the Stickers button that appears in the same bar where we write the text.

Now a menu will appear in which we can choose between Stickers and GIF. We can select this at the bottom of the screen. Click on the option «GIF» and we will be able to see images classified by gestures, moods, the most popular, our GIF favorites….

Process to access the WhatsApp GIF search engineHow to search any GIF from WHATSAPP on iPhone

Process to access the WhatsApp GIF search engine

How we see in the image in the center, in the lower left corner a magnifying glass appears that, when pressed, allows us to access the application’s GIF search engine as we can see in the third image that we have shared with you.

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In this simple way we can find any moving image related to what we are talking about or what we want to express at that very moment.

An easy way to search for any GIF since WhatsApp And we don’t have to rely on third-party apps.

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