How to schedule posts on a Facebook page

How to schedule posts on a Facebook page

We show you the way to schedule posts on a Facebook page and thus leave lists for all of the week, for example.

 schedule posts

So you can schedule posts on Facebook

Today we are going to teach you schedule posts on a Facebook page. Ideal for leaving posts for the whole week or whenever you want.

When we have a Facebook page, we must be aware that we have a community that wants to see ‘things’ all day. That is, they need to see information by which they follow you. It is very normal, that you do not have time throughout the day to be constantly publishing, of course.

That is why Facebook gives us the possibility to schedule the publications on our page, so that this task is automated and we can dedicate ourselves to another function.

How to schedule posts on a Facebook page

The process is very simple and for this we will need an official app of this social network. This app we are talking about is <>. This app is completely free and as we have mentioned, it is official from Facebook.

Once downloaded, we enter it with our username and password, and the page that we have registered with our account will appear directly. It is now time to create our publication.

For it, click on the icon that appears at the bottom with a pencil, which is the button to create posts. We create ours …

schedule posts 1schedule posts 1

Create the publication and click Next

When we know what we are going to put, click on <> and it will take us to the new menu. This is where we must select the first tab that we see, which tells us <>.

It is now when we finally have the option to ‘Schedule for later’, so we click on it and select the day and time at which we want to publish …

schedule posts 2schedule posts 2

Set date and time of programming

Once this is done, the publication is saved in the tab <> and ready. We will already have our publication fully scheduled to be published on the day and time that we have selected. What did you think, easy, right?.


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