How to schedule Instagram stories to post whenever you want

How to schedule Instagram stories to post whenever you want

We show you the way to be able to program Instagram stories and in this way to be able to program them whenever we want without problem.

So you can schedule Instagram stories

Today we are going to teach you schedule Instagram stories. A great way of not worrying about publishing at an hour a day, leaving everything scheduled for the week, for example.

When we have a lot of work, the organization is the most important thing. If we have a well-organized agenda, we can get more out of our day to day. Instagram was not going to be less and gives us the necessary tools to streamline the entire process of running a social network.

In this case, we are going to teach you a story so that you can publish it at the time of day that you select.

How to schedule Instagram stories

First of all, we have to say that in order to use these tools, we must have a professional account. In this way we can have access to more functions that this social network has.

Therefore, and once we know this, we go to the app that Instagram provides us for it. This app is that of Facebook Business Suite. An app in which we can manage everything related to this social network, such as followers, statistics … And we also have the possibility of being able to publish from here.

So we enter the app and go directly to «Create story», that we appear at the top …

schedule Instagram stories 1

Click on the tab to create

By clicking on this tab, we will have to create our story just as we do in the app. When we have it, we will see that a tab with the name of «Share on» and click on it. And it will be here where the function we are talking about will appear …

schedule Instagram stories 2

Select the date and time we want

Now we just have to select the time we want to publish and that’s it. Our Instagram story will be published at the date and time that we indicate.

Without a doubt, a great way to be able to leave our social networks with content scheduled for the whole week, for example.


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