How to schedule a tweet from official Twitter [2020]

How to schedule a tweet from official Twitter [2020]

We will explain how to schedule a tweet from official Twitter, a function that previously could only be done using third-party apps and that now we can do directly from the bird’s own social network.

How to schedule tweets on official Twitter

How to schedule tweets on official Twitter

The day finally came that Twitter allow us to schedule our tweets. A functionality that comes from pearls to keep track of what we publish. I personally use it a lot.

Before, in order to program the publications, we had to use other applications such as, for example, Hootsuite. They are clients of the bird’s social network that allow us to manage our accounts in a more professional way. But if what you want is simply to publish a tweet at a certain time or day, you can already use Official Twitter for it.

How to schedule a tweet:

At the moment it is something that can only be done from the website of Twitter. Coming into and logging in, we will have available in the interface to create tweets, a new option that allows us to program messages.

Option to schedule postsOption to schedule posts

Option to schedule posts

We write the tweet And when we have added your photo, video, link … relevant, if you want to add any of those multimedia elements, click on the icon that we have indicated in the previous image and program the tweet for when we want to publish it.

Schedule the tweetSchedule the tweet

Schedule the tweet

How you see is very simple.

Where to view scheduled tweets on Twitter:

If we want to see the scheduled tweets, we must click on create a new tweet and when the interface to write the text appears, click on the program option. It is there where we can access the messages that we have programmed.

Tweets scheduled on TwitterTweets scheduled on Twitter

Tweets scheduled on Twitter

It is something that should be improved since we believe that it is necessary to add an option regarding this new function, in the side menu that appears in the app when you press our profile picture.

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When this novelty is added to the official application of Twitter We will let you know. Stay tuned.



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