How to schedule a call with Apple technical support

How to schedule a call with Apple technical support

We are going to explain how to schedule a call with Apple technical service, so that they can resolve our doubts or problems.

So you can schedule a call with Apple technical support

Today we are going to show you how schedule a call with Apple. Ideal to solve problems with our device or to solve any type of problem we have with them.

It is true that we do not have an Apple Store in every city or there is not always one close to where we live. That is why those from Cupertino give us certain possibilities for us to get in touch with them. One of them is the phone call and thus be in direct contact with the technical service.

We are going to show you the way to program that call and to solve our problem without having to go to a physical store.

How to schedule a call with Apple technical support

What we must do is go to the app Apple support, which we can download totally free from the App Store. Once here and we have entered our Apple ID, each and every one of the devices that we have connected to that ID will appear.

Now what we should do is search the device of which we have to make an inquiry. Us various themes will appear, among which we must look for the one that most resembles the problem that we have. Once we have found it, click on this topic and the menu we are looking for will appear.

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At the bottom, two tabs will appear. One is to have a chat conversation and the other is to schedule a call. It will be this that we must press …

call with Apple technical support 1call with Apple technical support 1

Push on the call icon

When doing so, we will have to put our phone number and select the time when it is convenient for us to call us. Once this is done, we accept and ready.

When the day and time we have selected have arrived, an Apple assistant will call us to explain the problem and thus be able to solve it.


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