How to save WhatsApp audio conversations

How to save WhatsApp audio conversations

We show you the way to save WhatsApp audio conversations to be able to access them whenever we want.

So you can save WhatsApp audio conversations

Today we are going to teach you save WhatsApp audio conversations. A good way to keep them organized and save those that are really important.

The truth is that throughout the day we may receive a large number of audio messages on this platform. And it is really much more comfortable and faster to be able to send an audio explaining something in particular, than to have to write everything we want to explain.

So if this is your case and also, you want to save those audios that are most important and always have them at hand, keep reading because this article interests you.

How to save WhatsApp audio conversations

The process is very simple, we must go to the conversation in which is the audio that we want to save. When we find it, so alone we must keep it pressed as if we were going to resend it.

We will then see that it gives us the option of being able to select the note or several notes. In this case we are going to select just one and click directly on the share button …

save audio conversations 1save conversations audio 1

Select audio and click on share

We will then see all the applications in which we can share them. In this case, we click on the <> and we create a new note from this audio that we have selected.

Once this is done, we will have our note created and with the WhatsApp audio that we had selected. As you can see, it is a good way to keep those important audios that you do not want to lose.

But in case you have not fully clarified yourself, we are going to leave you a video in which we explain step by step how to do it and also how to save more than one.

Video in which we explain how to do it


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